Snow Day!


Snow! It is such a beautiful thing, but it can often make things a little difficult for us. The roads are slippery, driveways need to be shovelled and you definitely can’t wear those heels you were planning on rocking. Instead of trying to fight the elements, if I can, I opt to stay in during a snow storm under a warm blanket with some hot chocolate in hand. But if you have to go out I’d recommend you take out your puffer coat and goulashes, despite your urge to wear those super chic, but non-waterproof boots. You may be making a fashion statement, but you’ll regret it when your shoes are water stained, or your freezing because your coat is too thin. Make it an opportunity to invest in some trendy winter gear!

Here are a few options that I love:

Betsey Johnson Snood

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 15.01.17

***Photo courtesy of

Ralph Lauren Tech Gloves

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 15.11.50

***Photo courtesy of

ASOS Geo-Tribal Scarf 

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 15.28.24

***Photo courtesy of

Or if your a college student and you’re at home for break, like I am, raid your parent’s closet! Whenever a real snow storm hits I run to my Mom’s closet to put on one of her huge puffy coats from the 90’s. They are so warm and even though the 90’s was not that long ago, it gives your whole look a vintage vibe. I also added a fun Sully hat from the Monster’s Inc. movies!


Cailin’s favorite winter accessory is her “AS IF” hat. You can get the same exact one at


If you need to update your winter wardrobe, start looking around! Many retailers are already starting to get ready for spring and they will be looking to get rid of some of their winter inventory through some great sales!  Stock up now and you’ll be all set for next winter!

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