Signs You’re Having Fantasy Football Withdrawal


Unfortunately for myself and the other fantasy players out there, Sundays are no longer the same. Yes, we still have football for a little while longer, but you’re without your fantasy team! Here are ten signs that you’re suffering from fantasy football withdrawal:

1) You try to find a new fantasy sport to play… and it doesn’t feel the same. If you like watching baseball or basketball you would think you’d like fantasy baseball or fantasy basketball too. Yeah, not always the case. I love baseball just as much as football and I tried playing fantasy baseball last year. Nope, not as fun.


2) You watch or re-watch episodes of FX’s The League. If you haven’t watched The League you need to watch all four seasons immediately. It’s basically a show about the league we all secretly wish we were in. With NFL guest stars, tons of trash talk, very inappropriate jokes, and relatable fantasy ups-and-downs, watching it will get you through the off-season just fine.

                 tumblr_mvwpdnNQaQ1skt03xo1_250 tumblr_mvwpdnNQaQ1skt03xo2_250

You’re already thinking about team names for next year.
Of course once the season’s over you think of all of these great names. Where were the good puns when you needed them?

             tumblr_m7psp8gA8g1qm59x5 tumblr_m7psoqIyXC1qm59x5

4) You’re also prematurely thinking of who you want in next year’s draft. Or if you’re in a keeper league you’re currently psychoanalyzing who you should keep. Instead of just watching the playoffs to see who wins, you’re also simultaneously looking for next year’s fantasy prospects. Keenan Allen, anyone?


5) You’re already trying to decide who gets kicked out of the league, who stays, and if you want anyone new. You need a lot of time to figure out who gets the boot, so you’ve taken it upon yourself to start thinking now. Do you really still want those random people in your league that don’t really care?


6) You are still shouting at the TV for your fantasy players in the playoffs. Out of habit I caught myself screaming for Demaryius Thomas the other day and then shortly thereafter remembered fantasy is over and his touchdowns no longer give me any points. Ugh.


7) You can’t get yourself to delete your fantasy football app. I can’t do it and I don’t know why. I probably should though since it’s useless for another 7 months. Wait… SEVEN WHOLE MONTHS!?!? Yeah, that’s a long time. How will we all survive?


8) You look back at your previous week scores and reflect on some of the bad last minute tweaks you made. Yes, a lot of us have Kevin MacArthur syndrome where we keep changing our lineup and over-think everything. Sometimes you look back and just want to cry when you see that crucial week you lost. Especially when someone on your bench had a monster game and could’ve given you the W.


9) The trash talk isn’t over. If you won your league, you’re still gloating. If not, you keep saying “just wait and see next year,” “watch out for me next year,” or some form of that sentence. Gotta love those high hopes.


10) You still talk about fantasy to anyone who will listen. You find ways to bring up fantasy whether it’s on your Twitter or to your family who are SO annoyed you’re continuing to talk about it.


No matter if you won or miserably lost your league this year, you know you’ll always love it. It’s just the off-season all of us hate.

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