At Home Spring Break Tips


You don’t have to go away on some luxurious or party crazy vacation to feel like you’re on spring break. In fact staycations are all the rage due to the slow economy. For whatever reason, if you’re stuck at home during this spring break don’t let it get you down. Take the opportunity to unwind, pamper yourself and enjoy some time off.

Tip #1- Have a spa day! They’re so many amazing convenience store spa items these days and they’re really inexpensive. You can go for the typical green tea mask or try something a little more adventurous like an acai clay mask. One time my sister and I tried a chocolate mask. It was such a treat (pun intended)! It smelled like real chocolate and it was super creamy like a mud mask. We usually go for the $2 Freeman brand masks.

Then grab a magazine or good book, make a cup of tea or a fruity drink, and draw a bath. Throw in some bubble bath, a bath bomb, some scented beads and bath oil. If that doesn’t get you relaxed I don’t know what will.

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After you get out of the tub, give yourself a pedicure and manicure. Just like the masks, they’re some great value products for smoothing and moisturizing your feet and hands. I like to use a rice scrub for my feet. I got mine pre-made from a store, but you can easily make your own. Here is an easy recipe to make your own foot scrub. For my hands I usually use an Avon product that my mom gets from an associate from work, but as far as hand creams go I don’t really have a loyal go-to brand. I’m a total brand switcher when it comes to moisturizer. Hey, you probably saved a lot of money staying home so you could just head over to your local nail place and have someone else pamper you!

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Tip #2- Find a body of water. This may be impossible for some people, but chances are you have some type of water near you that you can take a day trip to. If you live near the ocean, lucky you! For me, a river will have to do, but there’s something about running by water that is just so much better than running around your neighborhood. If you’re up for the challenge, get up early and catch the sunrise while you’re on your run. It may be an inadequate alternative to running along the beach, but nature doesn’t usually disappoint. A sunrise is beautiful wherever you are. If you’re back at your parent’s house, either get your family or high school friends together for brunch. It’s a perfect way to kick-start your day.

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Tip #3- Do something new! Chances are they’re some pretty cool things in your local area that you’ve never checked out. Go to an open-mic at a cafe, visit an art gallery, try a new trendy restaurant or take a road trip to another town, city or state and explore. What I find so fun about vacations is that there’s never a dull moment. You’re always off jet-setting to new places to do new things. Take the first few days of spring break at home to sleep-in and catch up on all your TV shows, but after that get out there and discover something new. You’ll probably come back home with some vacation-worthy memories.

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