Photographer: Val Walis


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VALToday we’re featuring photographer Val Walis, who has a unique approach to photography and is always trying new techniques. First hand, I’ve spent time with her in the dark room while she has created photos and seen all of the creative leaps she has taken. Now, a college student, Val has spent three years focusing mainly on her photography but also happens to be talented in jewelry making and sculpture. After looking at her work more in depth and talking to her, I’ve noticed that these two other interests of hers play a large role in her photos. Most of her work featured below is what is called experimental cameraless photography and involves taking found objects, placing them directly on photo paper, and exposing that, rather than exposing light through a negative onto the photo paper. Her pieces often have multiple objects placed in juxtaposition with one another to create something even more interesting. Most people think of photography as taking a Nikon or Canon camera and capturing a nature scene, architecture or people. Although Val has some great photography like that as well, I had never heard of cameraless photography before meeting her, so I thought it would be the perfect thing to showcase to you all.


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Check out some of her photos below, some of which include camera photography as well. If you want to see them bigger, just click on any photo!

As for Val right now, she is continuing to study photography and create more pieces to develop her breadth of work. She has also worked directly assisting a local photographer to gain even more experience in the photography world. I’ve always been a big fan of Val’s pieces and love how much nature, textures, and a non traditional approach to photography make up her work. It’s always fun to see her process in the dark room and watch her reveal a new piece that she created by throwing sand, feathers, or even her own jewelry atop photo paper. For the future Val says, “I don’t ever want to stop my creative process, although I know it will probably take on more forms than I know now.”

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