Tuesday Fashion Find


There is nothing I love to wear more than a casual dress in the summer. It makes getting ready in the morning really easy and your look is instantly more polished. I found this dress on sale for $7 at Macy’s. My trick was buying a summer item in the winter. Well it wasn’t even really winter, it was probably in the first few weeks of September. I’m sure everyone can attest to experiencing the differences between the retail calendar and the actual calendar. In February the spring retail season starts and once August hits, fall retail season is in full swing. This retail calendar is the culprit for why seasons seem to go by in a blink and holidays come quicker every year. However, it makes for some great clearance opportunities. No store wants their spring items on the sales floor come fall season, so sales for summer clothes can start as early as July. If you wait until late August or September, you can find amazing deals on warm weather clothing. Being from NY means I usually don’t get to wear these items until the next summer, but through the winter they sit in my closet as a happy reminder of warm, sunny and carefree days to come. I especially love this dress because it can easily transition into fall. To me plaid has always been a fall pattern, but the unique pale green and pink colors make this dress perfect for spring/summer as well!

photo 1

photo 3

photo 4

photo 2

Happy Summer Everyone!


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