A Tasting of Smorgasburg


Cailin and I really like food, so more than half of our to-do list in the city consists of places to eat. One of the food markets on our list was Smorgasburg in Williamsburg. So on a sunny Saturday we headed out to Brooklyn with our roomie. Although there were several absolutely delicious food stands to try, we headed straight for the Lumpia Shack. Being half Filipino we have grown up eating lumpia and it is by far my favorite Filipino food. In turn, we just had to see how the Lumpia Shack’s lumpia stood against our Mom’s. We ordered the lumpia sampler which included three pieces of each of their lumpia varieties: original pork, peking duck and truffle adobo mushroom. Our Mom makes traditional lumpia with ground pork or beef so we were excited to try the more gourmet versions of a typical Filipino spring roll. They did not disappoint. They only thing lacking was more of them!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 2


photo 1
We also ordered Halo Halo, a Filipino dessert that typically features shaved ice, evaporated milk, fruits, jelly and is topped with ube ice cream and leche flan. The Lumpia Shack put their own unique spin on their version of Halo Halo which featured purple sweet potato whipped cream, milk foam, fresh fruits, coconut jelly and popcorn! It too was delicious and was the perfect refreshment on such a hot summer day.

 We will most certainly be back to try out the rest of the food stands. Till next time, Smorgasburg!

photo 4

photo 3


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