Guthrie Center: Slambovians


For our stepdad’s early birthday present we headed to the Guthrie Center in Massachusetts to see The Slambovian Circus of Dreams. We weren’t avid fans before the show, but after listening to their latest album we couldn’t wait to hear them live. Usually, before a concert Cailin and I will try and learn all of the artist’s songs if we aren’t familiar with them, but some of my favorite concert experiences were when I had zero time to learn the songs beforehand. It allows you to go into the show with an open mind and I usually leave with a new band I love and a whole setlist of songs I need to download. That is exactly what happened when we saw The Slambovian Circus of Dreams. They are kind of a mix of folk and rock music, so if you already like those genres you will like them! Some of our favorite songs include: Tink (I Know It’s You), Trans-Slambovian Bipolar Express, A Box of Everything and Very Happy Now. Give them a listen or check them out live if you have the chance!


photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

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photo 6

The Guthrie Center is set up with dinner tables and has a full menu of lunch/dinner options. We got the vegetable chili with loads of cheese on top. Twas’ delish!

photo 10

photo 7

photo 9


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