Fashion Week S/S 2015


New York Fashion Week S/S 2015 has come to an end, so here’s a little peak into our fashion week experience at the Anna Sui show.

photo 2

photo 1 copy 3

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Before we go into Lincoln Center, it’s always fun to watch all the photographers that lurk around every corner going crazy whenever they see someone in an interesting/expensive outfit. Even if you’re not going to Fashion Week, if you ever want to feel like a celebrity just put together a crazy outfit and walk around Lincoln Center like you own the place. Before you know it you’ll be surrounded by your very own paparazzi. Cailin and I arrived straight from work so our business dresses weren’t making the paparazzi cut, but this girl’s chicken themed outfit certainly did!

photo 1

Then we headed inside to attend the show. As always, we enjoyed Anna Sui’s collection. It stayed true to her aesthetic and was filled with space themed designs. Currently, Cailin is loving the space and planet trend so she was happy to see it on so many pieces for Spring 2015. In our goodie bags we got some perfume and a star shaped lipstick. It’s so pretty I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to use it!

photo 4 copy 2

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photo 3

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After the show we were served Diet Cokes with pretty red and white paper straws.

photo 1 copy

photo 2 copy 2

We got to take photobooth photos at the Pandora station and got temporary arm wrap tattoos. Our third photo was supposed to be us making a “F” and “W” for Fashion Week. I planned on doing the “W,” but we ended up sitting on the wrong side…#fail haha.

photo 5

photo-11 photo 3

photo 5 copy

photo 1

Our next stop was the Tresemme moving photo booth. You took two still photos and the image bounced back and forth between them. At the same time the people in the background of the photo kept moving like video footage.

photo 4

Lastly, we took our seasonal photo with the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week sign. This year they also had a display of how technology can be worked into fashion with this LED lit dress.

photo 2 copy

photo 4

Now that all the collections have gone I can officially say there are going to be some great trends for spring. Now…we just have to get through winter!

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