Marriott #GetTeleported


In Cailin’s reporting class she is in charge of travel related news. In her research she stumbled upon Marriott Hotel’s new promotion, #GetTeleported, in which they take guests to Hawaii and London through virtual reality. Using the Oculus Rift wearers are taken to Hawaiian beaches and get to see London from a skyscraper view. They add to the experience through misty air and scents of the beach in Hawaii, the platform underneath you moving when you go through the teleportation vortex and wind and city sounds in London. We both wanted to check out this technology and decided to try it when it came to NYC. It was pretty cool to be able to have a 360 degree view of Hawaii and London. That was probably the coolest part about the Oculus Rift. In terms of picture quality, to us it was still a little fuzzy and pixilated. I definitely knew I was in a “virtual” world. Either way it was interesting to see where virtual reality technology may be headed in the future! There are still more stops on the #GetTeleported tour so if it is coming to your town give it a try!

photo 1 5.40.23 PM

Watch Cailin get teleported:

photo 3 5.40.23 PM

Watch Tara get teleported:

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