Halloween Costume Ideas


 What are some of the best Halloween costumes? I seem to always be partial to DIY Halloween costumes. If it were up to me, I’d hand make all of my Halloween costumes. When I was younger my grandmother always sewed our costumes for whatever we wanted to be that year and it was great! We got to put our own personal touches on all of our costumes, whether they were more traditional like a fairy or something different like Starbucks cups (before it was cool😉). So to start off our list we give you some of the best hand-made costumes from the web!

1. A fun way to make your space costume a little more original

Source: Instagram user surrocodelia

2. Bath Puffs!

Source: Instagram user jsessbrown

3. These piñata costumes are too cute and just require some cutting skills and tissue paper!

Source: http://www.costume-works.com/pinatas1.html

4.  Paint a wire to make a magnetic lasso Photoshop costume!

Source: i.huffpost.com

5. Play-Doh out of painted trash cans

Source: litzkypr.com

6. A Van Gogh painting…need I say more!

Source: reddit.com

Ok, so now time for some kid’s costumes. Seriously, some parents just know how to do it right.

1. Cruella Devil

Source: http://www.costume-works.com/cruella_devil.html

2.  Family UP costumes

Source: http://www.costume-works.com/up_mr_fredrickson_kevin_and_russel.html

3. Tornado twister_tornado

4. Baby Einstein


5. Taco!

Source: http://www.costumepop.com/costume-gallery/baby-taco-costume/

There were plenty more great DIY Halloween costumes out there where those came from. I was also able to track down some photos from our old Starbucks DIY Halloween costume. All we used was some white fabric, elastic for the tube top, a sewing machine and printable iron ons. Simple as that!



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