Halloween Feature Friday: Artist Marie-Pascale Gautheron

Happy Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 17.05.05 … HALLOWEEN EDITION!

SONY DSCThere’s no one better for this themed feature than Marie-Pascale Gautheron. She makes and paints amazing skulls and finds a way to make something that is usually frightening, a work of art! She creates these incredible skulls in her hometown of Paris and shows them in galleries all over the city! Her paintings also include other typically scary elements such as bats, wolves, and snakes, but we love how she has chosen to focus mainly on skulls. They’re definitely her trademark. Keep reading to hear why she chose to fixate her art on skulls and see some frighteningly beautiful works of art! Happy Halloween!

Castle Logo: Tell us a little about yourself. 

MP: I have always been immersed in the artistic environment as my mother is an art professor and painter. Since my childhood I’ve been navigating between her classes and art schools. At first, I did an artistic BAC, then a BTS in Graphic Design and finally a Master’s in Plastic Art. Today, I am trying to become well known by the general public and to increase my collaborations and exhibitions.


Castle Logo: Why did you start making pieces of art out of skulls?

MP: Skulls are terrifying objects. A lot of people are scared of them, even me when I was younger! That’s why I try to give a beauty to this object by adding to it a lot of pattern and color, to deconsecrate death and not be afraid of it anymore.


Castle Logo: What intrigued you about working with skulls and how do you make them?

MP: The skull is an object that always fascinated me aesthetically speaking, whether it’s human or animal. It’s the symbol of death, which surrounds us permanently and that’s what fascinates me. It’s in every painting and sculpture I make. Some of my skulls are made with homemade mold, but the animals one are all real.


Castle Logo: What inspires your creativity? 

MP: My work is, before all, autobiographical. It is connected with my childhood, my past and my intimate imagination. As a result, my path, my life experiences and my sensations inspire me while I am drawing.


Castle Logo: What do you like most about sharing your work, whether through Instagram or gallery shows?

MP: I really like to share my works on social networks. First of all because it’s essential to be recognized. Sometimes it gives you access to new opportunities and allows you to meet new amazing people. It’s pleasant to have compliments/feedback from people all over the world. With the time, more and more people follow me, it’s incredible! But that’s also because I like to give a visual pleasure to people. FOLLOW ME!


Castle Logo: Your pieces are so intricate and detailed. How long does it take to create one skull?

MP: Right, I am very meticulous and I love details! I like when people spend time to look at my work! There is always something hidden that people can’t see at first sight. My skulls take me 2 to 3 days of work. My paintings sometimes several weeks, even if i have the reputation to be a fast worker.


Castle Logo: What are some of the challenges of selling your work (running a business on Etsy) and creating at the same time? 

MP: For now, Etsy orders don’t take a lot of my time, quite the opposite, I would like to have more orders !


Castle Logo: Where do you see your art career going? Biggest dreams?

MP: I just finished my art studies. I had already two personal exhibitions and I just want to continue! I would like to find an art gallery and sell more.


Castle Logo: What are some of your favorite things to do where you live?

MP: I have a lot of luck to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris! I like to go for a ride with a bike at the twilight with my boyfriend, take a trip in a park, or discover new artists in one of the numerous museums or art galleries present in my city.


Castle Logo: Any advice?

MP: Give simple pleasures to people around you and smile to life!


Castle Logo: Today is Halloween in America. What would be your perfect costume? 

MP: A zombie from The Walking Dead! I am a big fan, of the TV show «The Walking Dead» ! There was a time where I liked to make fake wounds to scare my friends and my family. I admire people who do that amazing make-up, so I guess I would be a scary zombie. 

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