American Authors Concert


Great concert review coming at yah! This past weekend we went to see American Authors on the Honda Civic tour. The opening acts were Oh Honey and the Mowgli’s. Let’s start with Oh Honey…

They were good! We were particularly interested in seeing them perform as we went to the same high school as one of the members, Danielle Bouchard. In high school we were both part of this club called, Respect Club, where you put on events to share and appreciate the arts. Cailin remembers putting together open mics that Danielle performed at way back when, as well as being a MySpace fan of her early music. In general, it was cool to see someone who came from the same town and school as us pursuing their dreams successfully. The other member of  Oh Honey, Mitchy Collins, has a ton of charisma and talent. The two make a great pair to round out each others voices and we both love their latest EP, Sincerely Yours. Riding off of their hit success, Be Okay, their sound seems to be going in a Mumford and Sons direction. We particularly like their lovely lyrics.



Next up was the Mowgli’s. We didn’t know much about them going into the concert besides running through their latest album before the show. We ended up liking a few of their hits like Say It, Just Say It and San Francisco. Not sure if it was the acoustics of the Best Buy Theater, which are often criticized, but both Oh Honey and the Mowgli’s were kind of hard to understand at times. Their voices often got lost in the music, but with that said, the bands sounded great and overall they performed well live.



American Authors were the main act and let me just tell you I was impressed. As with a lot of bands these days, I’m skeptical if they can perform well live. Live YouTube videos with poor sound quality don’t help. With that said, I wasn’t sure if American Authors were going to live up to their album recording. Cailin introduced me to them after hearing their song, Luck, which I love. Since then I have listened to their whole album and can say I pretty much like every song on it. I love their upbeat vibe, inventive lyrics, arrangements and musicality. When they hit the stage they also had a ton of charisma and stage presence. They all attended and met at Berklee College of Music and it shows. The main singer, Zac Barnett’s, voice did not disappoint and was amazing live, if not better than the recordings. The show ended with confetti flying everywhere while they performed their hit, Best Day of My Life. It was a perfect way to end such a fun concert and we would definitely go see American Authors again. See them now people, before their tickets get mad expensive!














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