Feature Friday: Artist Pewara Nicropithak

Happy Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 17.05.05!

inn x mas 2013 II_snap

Today we are featuring Artist Pewara Nicropithak and her mini me, “Innie.” We love her drawings and the personas they have taken on. They are filled with positivity and definitely put a smile on your face if you’re having “one of those days.” Read on to learn more about Pewara and how Innie came to be.

Castle Logo: What made you start Mini Store by Innie?

screenshot-67: Self interest with a passion in drawing and fashion. 


Castle Logo: How did you think of/design the character “Innie?”
screenshot-67: Innie is a character of a cheer, optimism and style, represented by sweet graphic quality.


Castle Logo: What would you like the character of “Innie” to represent to those viewing your work?
screenshot-67: Innie is the character that represents myself in mini size. I’m happy to share anyone who views my drawing feeling pretty, stress-free, fun and positive thinking. 


Castle Logo: Describe your career path. Have you always been interested in pursuing art?
screenshot-67: My passions have always been drawing and fashion. After 10 years as a marketer in the cosmetics and fashion business, I have found drawing is my real joy and became a freelance illustrator.


Castle Logo: Describe your process for making your “Innie” art.
screenshot-67: Getting inspiration and taking a quick sketch on my tablet, then finish my drawing with computer graphics.


Castle Logo: What inspires you?
screenshot-67: Fashion, Japanese Character Design, Family, Friends, Favourite Quotes, Thai Culture, Travel and Food.


Castle Logo: Who has influenced your work or who you are today?
screenshot-67: My mom and hubby. 

Hello Friends illustration

Castle Logo: Where is your go-to place to create work? Describe your setting when you work.
screenshot-67: My home studio. Usually I start drawing in the early morning. Looking at flowers, trees and birds in my garden inspires fresh ideas. Sometimes I enjoy to do it and forget to see time, finally, I end up my work late at night. 


Castle Logo: Name some of your favorite things. Do some of your own likes translate into your work?
screenshot-67: Yes, I gain idea inspiration from looking at fashion and reading runway trends, Thai culture and Japanese character style. Because of all these I can create Innie‘s character as it is today.


Castle Logo: Any advice?
screenshot-67: Choose to do what you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


See more of Mini below: 
Instagram > ministorebyinnie

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