TV Show Taping In NY


This week we went to a taping of the Wendy Williams show! It was really cool to see how live talk shows work behind the scenes. We had to get to the studio by 8am, but the show didn’t start filming until around 10am. We weren’t quite sure why we needed to be there so early, but as it turns out there was a lot of waiting around to be done. In those 2 hours, we checked in, went through security and chilled in a waiting area. During this time we were asked to fill out a few “Ask Wendy” questions for a segment in which you ask Wendy for advice. The people who submitted good questions got a chance to meet Wendy and some were chosen to ask their question on the live taping. Good thing they had a Wendy “selfie” station to keep us occupied while we passed the time.




Then we were lead to a different floor of the building and walked behind the set of the show to get to the audience’s seats. There were numbers on our tickets so we assumed we had assigned seating, but once you get there they choose your seats for you. We ended up in the first row!


Before the show a producer comes out along with the show’s DJ/audience energy-booster to explain how the audience should interact with Wendy for the live show. They led us through a few laughing, “oooing,” “aahhhing” and gasping exercises so we’d be ready.


Then Wendy came out and the show started. Producers, set managers and other crew members stand between the audience and the cameras, while other cameras go around getting shots of the audience. Crew members also prompt the audience’s reactions/applause and count down the seconds until they’re live after commercial breaks. We also got to see Terrell Owens and Jamie Anderson to hear about their time on Celebrity Apprentice. Overall, it was a really fun experience and since we were in the front row we got to high five and chat a little with Wendy. Later, when Cailin watched the show back we found out we made a brief television appearance. Haha!




After the show we headed to the 2nd Avenue Deli for huge corned beef sandwiches, coffee and double shot chocolate sodas. The double shot chocolate soda is kind of like an egg cream, just without the milk. Yum!






Our last stop was Veniero’s Pastry Shop. This place is filled with history since it has been opened since 1894. They have tons and tons of amazingly delicious Italian pastries, pies, cakes and other fancy sweet treats. Cailin got a chunk of chocolate fudge disguised as cake, which of course, she loved. I got rainbow cake, which is an almond cake with fudge frosting. It was the perfect ending to a great day!




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