Last Friday we headed to B♭ on Church St. in downtown Manhattan for happy hour. We heard they had great cocktails and even more importantly fried chicken! Their happy hour runs from 5-7pm and offers beer for $5, wine for $7 and cocktails for $9. The space is very inconspicuous with no official signage except a small painted B♭ on the door frame.



You then head down some stairs to the underground bar area. When we went there was only one other party there, but it started to fill up a little after 7pm. The bone chilling weather may have been to blame for the deadness as I suspect it’s usually more crowded, especially on jazz nights which they have every Monday and Wednesday.





They had a specific happy hour menu, which I assume changes, but I got the Maple Daiquiri and Cailin got the Bee’s Knees. Both were yummy, but not mind-blowing. On the other hand, the fried chicken “tatsuta” was amazing! The breading was deliciously seasoned and it came with a really good sauce that gave a lot of asian flavor to the dish. The Japanese deep frying technique, tatsuta, keeps the chicken tender and the outside extra crunchy. It came with 5 pieces of chicken, which Cailin and I shared for $9. Hellllooo new craving!





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