Umami Burger NYC


Umami Burger originates from California and only has two locations in the city. We heard a lot of great stuff about them and their unique take on burgers. As the name suggests all their burgers are made with “Umami dust,” a blend of anchovies, mushroom powder and soy. That in itself doesn’t sound that appetizing, but trust me the Umami and “master sauce” bring these burgers to the next level. They also have several burger options that come with truffle sauce and I just love truffle oil on anything and everything.



Cailin got the Truffle Burger. It comes with truffle aioli, house truffle cheese and truffle glaze. She took one bite and said it was the best burger she’d ever had. She so graciously let me have a taste and it was really delicious. It had a sweetness to it that you normally don’t experience with burgers, but when combined with all the other flavors made for one divine bite.



I got the Sunny Side Burger, which comprised of parmesean frico, fried egg, truffle butter and truffled arugula. It was packed with flavor and the parmesan frico added a great crunchy texture. The fried egg made it a huge mess to eat, so not ideal for a date night meal, but if you’re with people you know well I’m sure they won’t mind if you eat like an animal just this once.



We added some truffle cheese fries to the mix to finish off our great experience at Umami Burger. Oh, and one more thing to mention, Umami Burger usually has a great deal on one of their burgers. On this night Cailin’s Truffle Burger was only $8! That’s a really good deal for NYC. Till next time, Umami!


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