Sunday Sweats


One of the great things about Sundays is being able to relax at home in sweats and unwind before the work week starts. However, I always end up doing a few afternoon errands before hauling in for the night. I don’t really go out of the house in sweatpants too often, but I found this perfect pair of sweatpants that are nicer for those lazy days. I mean sometimes you wish you could be one of those people that goes out in the world with their pajamas still on. These are a great alternative because they’re super comfy and great for lounging in, but have a fun patten and not too slouchy fit for a more polished look.







No sweatsuit would be complete without a matching sweatshirt. This cropped sweatshirt has a fun, sporty, and collegiate vibe. I must admit I have no idea what the giant “L” on it means, but it just kind of works! I replaced my slippers with my favorite chunky lace up heels to bring the whole look a step up from loungewear. I also wear this outfit when I’m traveling, since I’m all about the comfort when it comes to long rides and flights.




IMG_1629 copy

So now you have a solution to not wanting to wear jeans on the weekends. Just buy some cute loungewear and you’re good to go!

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