Upstate NY Lunch & Hike


We were back home in Upstate NY for the weekend, so our stepdad treated us to lunch at Man of Kent Tavern in Hoosick Falls. It was a beautiful day so we sat in their outside seating area, which was set up with cute tables and flowers lining the entire porch. Cailin got the Pulled Pork Sandwich, our stepdad got the Rodeo Burger and I got the Colonel’s Special Sandwich. Everything was delicious and we were stuffed to the brim.











After lunch we headed to Petersburg Pass to take a few photos of the mountains. Cailin wanted to see if there was another clearing further up the mountain, so we started hiking up the Taconic Crest Trail which is attached to the pass. Little did we know the initial hike is pretty steep and we were not prepared with our hiking gear! We were completely out of breath by the time we got to the spot that was supposed to have a clearing, but there was none to be found. Not sure where we went wrong, but we definitely got our exercise for the day and felt pretty accomplished after conquering our unexpected hike.




We thought we deserved some ice cream after that so we stopped at Guptill’s in Cohoes. Cailin got her usual Moose Tracks hard yogurt and one of their new flavors, Mint Cookie Fudge. Our stepdad kept it classic with mint chocolate chip ice cream. I was craving soft serve so I also kept it classic with twist and rainbow sprinkles.




We had a great start to the weekend. We hope all you readers have a great weekend as well! If you’re having nice weather maybe you can even go for a hike, but plan it better than we did so you can actually catch a view. 😉

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