Mets Game: deGnome Night!


We love our baseball and there is nothing quite like sitting in the stands watching a baseball game on a summer night. We’re Mets fans so before the season starts we always scour the events calendar to check out all the game day promotions. When we found out they’d be giving out a Jacob deGrom garden gnome on May 2nd, we immediately bought tickets. DeGrom is Cailin’s favorite pitcher on the Mets, plus everyone loves his signature locks. In turn, we just had to get a deGnome!

Screenshot (32)

Screenshot (31)

Screenshot (30)

The Mets didn’t win against the Washington Nationals that night and it ended up being really cold. So cold in fact, that almost all the hoodies, winter gear and blankets were sold out of the merchandise shops by the end of the game. However, we still had a really fun time watching the game, eating Shake Shack and taking photo shoots with deGnome. We can’t wait to get in some more games this summer.


Screenshot (33)

Screenshot (34)


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