City Kitchen


Recently Cailin and I stopped by City Kitchen, a food market in Times Square for breakfast. I’m not sure if it is a generational thing, but almost everyone I know never makes time in the morning to eat breakfast at home. In turn, we are grabbing things to eat on the way to work or wherever we are headed. On Sundays, Cai and I always stop at a Dunkin Donuts on the way to church to snag a coffee and doughnut, which is literally the only thing we have time to eat before the service starts. We’re guilty of setting the alarm to the latest possible time to look half way decent before stepping out the door and running to catch public transport. Shoutout to all you fellow night owls!


We wanted to switch it up a little one morning and get a different doughnut, haha ok so not that different, but it’s New York City; there are like ten different doughnut shops I want to try. However, we didn’t have much time to get to a different part of the city so we were stuck in Times Square. Luckily we remembered that City Kitchen was up and running and that Dough is one of their vendors. I got the Lemon Poppy Doughnut and Cailin got the Cafe Au Lait. Both were delish as usual!

Screenshot (36)


The space in itself has ample seating with lots of windows to bring cheery natural light. In the section with the vendors they also have fun barstool seating all along the perimeter of the building. City Kitchen has nine vendors total including, Azuki, Box, Gabriela’s Taqueria, Kuro Obi, Luke’s, Whitmans, Wooly’s Shaved Snow and Sigmund’s Pretzels. City Kitchen opened its doors this year, so it is still fairly under the radar. It’s a great time to get in there before all the tourists discover it! Alternatively, win host of the year and take visitors there. They’ll get a feel for the unique food shops from all over the city in one convenient Times Square locale.


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