Feature Friday: Artist Hannah Adamaszek

Happy Feature Friday!


This week we are featuring urban artist, Hannah Adamaszek, who has taken the street art scene by storm. We love her work because it brings a softer touch to street art that’s filled with sharp graphic-like art. A lot of her pieces that were painted on outdoor spaces and walls look like they’ve been done with a paintbrush and canvas! Hannah’s pieces are strikingly beautiful and whether they are gracing the wall of a bustling city street or hanging in your home, they’re sure to make an impression.

Castle Logo:  Introduce yourself!

Screenshot (58): I’m a UK based urban artist painting bohemian inspired portraits both in the gallery and outside space.


Castle Logo: How did you find your artistic style?

Screenshot (58): I feel like I have always had this style from when I started painting, but have developed and refined it over the years. I find that when I paint from my heart I leave a part of me on the canvas.


Castle Logo: What about painting portraits inspires you?

Screenshot (58): I’ve always had a love for people. Before I started painting, I was always photographing people. I used to take my camera around London and work with Street Performers and the homeless to try and capture people. I took this love for people and their emotions to canvas not long after.


Castle Logo: You are also a part of the street art scene. What are some of the best aspects of street art and what are its challenges?

Screenshot (58): The best part for me is the scale. I started painting outside because I wanted to paint bigger, there was only so big I could go on canvas in my little studio so it was a natural step for me. Sometimes I would like to spend longer on the pieces outside, but as well as being something I sometimes struggle with, its also good to push me to try new things and work in a slightly different way.


Castle Logo: You’ve collaborated with quite a few other artists. What was it like working with other artists on a piece?

Screenshot (58): Working as an artist can be quite solitary so its great to get out there and work with someone else. I’ve learnt new techniques and ways of seeing things from working with other people.


Castle Logo: What media do you like working with most?

Screenshot (58): I think it would be charcoal and acrylics, its what I learnt with and I find them quite natural to work with. You can use them both in so many different ways, so the outcome is always endless.


Castle Logo: How did you feel when you had your first solo gallery show?

Screenshot (58): It was the most amazing feeling, as it was something that happened sooner than I had anticipated. I gave up my day job to become a full time artist 2 years ago and within 5 months had my first solo show. I have my third solo coming up later this year with the same gallery, The Curious Duke on 9th July which I’m really excited about. The gallery has moved location and the new space is so light and airy it will be the perfect location for my new series.


Castle Logo: You have done some Live Art shows. How does painting live compare to being in your studio?

Screenshot (58): The first time I did live painting I was so nervous, which made it a lot more of a challenge when your hands are shaking. Now I love doing the live painting. Its great to be able to talk to people who are watching and find out their thoughts on art and different techniques.


Castle Logo: A lot of artists find it challenging to get that first piece sold to an outside customer. What tips can you give to make that process easier?

Screenshot (58): Think as if you were buying a piece, quite often the sale will be online, and its important to tell any potential customer as much as you can about the artwork to give them a story on how it was made and what inspired it. Good quality and close up photos are a must. I would want to be able to see the texture and true colours of a piece I was buying, as I probably have a spot in mind for the piece.


Castle Logo: What are some of your biggest dreams for the future?

Screenshot (58): The next thing on my list is to paint a massive wall. I’d love to go to paint at Wynwood, Miami.


Castle Logo: Any advice?

Screenshot (58): Just believe in what you do, if you enjoy creating something, there will be someone out there who will connect and love your creation as much as you.

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