Strollin’ on a Sunday


For us, Sundays are our total relaxing day. After church we usually like to just hang out, walk around, and get some NYC eats. This time we took the walking around a little far and found ourselves walking about an hour all the way to Soho!


We go to church at Hillsong NYC in Midtown, so it was definitely quite the walk. Since it was a beautiful day it was no big deal. Plus I love going to Soho as it’s one of my favorite areas of Manhattan! Once in Soho we decided to grab coffee and lunch at Ground Support. It’s this cute little cafe that has tons of light, wood tables, and even a bench for a window seat!


IMG_0881 IMG_0905

Since it was sufficiently hot out, we both went for iced coffee and I got a Cuban for lunch, while Tara ordered the Ham & Cheese Triple Decker. Mine wasn’t the typical Cuban since it had turkey and ham, but it was still delicious and I loved the dijon remoulade on it! Tara’s looked like it was straight out of Paris. When we were in France we ate Croque Monsieur all the time and it reminded me a lot of that!

IMG_0891 IMG_0875 IMG_0878

It was our first time there and I will be back for sure when I want to go to a cafe to get some work done! It has a decent amount of seating (for NYC) so if you’re in Soho looking for a place with good coffee and a relaxing vibe, this is a go-to!

IMG_0900 IMG_0887 IMG_0876

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