Feature Friday: Design Geometric

Happy Feature Friday!

This week we are featuring Santiago Legarrera of Design Geometric. We think it is so cool that he uses all geometric shapes to create his pieces. His work is full of dimension even though he uses 2D shapes to create them. In addition, his pieces have so much detail and even though they are abstract, the objects he creates look so realistic! We also love the glamorous feel his artwork has, making them perfect to hang up in your home. We were really curious to find out how he got started in this type of geometric design, so keep reading to find out why he started using this incredible technique and his advice for those hoping to start a business like himself!
Castle Logo: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in design.

10723838_883495555008310_1921655000_a[1]: First of all I want to thank you for electing me for the segment “Feature Fridays”. My name is Santiago Legarrera, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a graphic designer graduated from the University of Palermo, and entrepreneur since I am carrying out various projects related to clothing.

I chose design because I always liked art and everything related to creativity and innovation, that’s why when I finish school I decided to study this amazing career called Graphic Design.


Castle Logo: What made you start Design Geo?

10723838_883495555008310_1921655000_a[1]: At first I decided to create the account to upload and share my work, but I never thought they would have such an impact, everything went very quickly and to this day I can not believe the level of acceptance that I had and have my designs.


Castle Logo: As your name suggests, you use geometric shapes in all of your pieces. What made you decide that you wanted to stick to this aesthetic and these shapes?

10723838_883495555008310_1921655000_a[1]:  I always enjoyed the technique called “lowpoly” which is based on the composition by geometric figures. So I decided to explore more about this technique, perfect it and try to create more complex designs included when taking them to the plane of the three-dimensional (objects).


Castle Logo: What is your process for completing a piece? (Where do you get ideas, how do you make them, how long does it take?)

10723838_883495555008310_1921655000_a[1]: The process for each of the designs is time consuming and there is much work behind each. I’m always thinking about compositions and once I have the idea I try to perform a sketch, and later I take the digital plane. The entire process usually take 4 to 6 hours depending on the complexity of the part in question.


Castle Logo: What is the most fun part about what you do?

10723838_883495555008310_1921655000_a[1]: The most part is finding the idea. You have to investigate, search, and later reach an idea that has impact. It is the funnest and most complicated part at the same time.


Castle Logo: What are some of Design Geo’s plans for the future? What’s next!?

10723838_883495555008310_1921655000_a[1]: As for the plans, there are always many, but the main thing is to continue to grow my brand. Then everything will be happening due to my work and dedication.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 12.48.33

Castle Logo: We were amazed by the watch you made that actually has the hour hands move! How did you do this? And did you make it for someone specific?

 10723838_883495555008310_1921655000_a[1]: That clock (Hublot Caviar) is made of wood, cut by laser, then they were glued all the parts. I did it because I wanted a “different” clock to my bedroom wall. It demanded a full week of hard work, but it was as I wished.


Castle Logo: What’s your favorite shape to use? How difficult is it to only use geometric shapes in your work?

 10723838_883495555008310_1921655000_a[1]: My favorite figure is the triangle. And the truth that seems difficult, but it is not. The simply key is to know how to locate each of the figures and give the correct treatment in terms of color palette.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 12.50.11

Castle Logo: How do you get your work noticed by the public? (How do you market your pieces?)

10723838_883495555008310_1921655000_a[1]: Many people contributed to my growth by sharing my work. But a big part of my it is due to Anish (watchanish on instagram), he helped me a lot sharing my work on numerous occasions and was the one that allowed me to grow quickly.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 12.48.11

Castle Logo: Do you have any advice for people who want to be designers and entrepreneurs like yourself?

10723838_883495555008310_1921655000_a[1]: As a tip just follow your dreams and projects, hard work can get to where you want. When I started studying design many of my friends recommended me to change my working career as a designer outlet according to them was limited. But over time I could combine my passions such as design, art, watches and a lifestyle, and do what I really like and it allows me to live very well.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 12.47.57

To see more from Design Geometric head to:

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