Night of Joy


I love a good New York City rooftop, but since they can be so pricy, it’s hard to go as much as you’d like. A had read a lot online about Night of Joy in Williamsburg and after I heard they had $6 cocktails during happy hour we had to go!


It’s near McCarren Park in Brooklyn and just a short walk from the Lorimer Subway station. Their happy hour is from 5-8pm, but just a tip, they don’t open until 5 so no need to get there right when it starts! We went around 5:30 but by the time 7pm hit there was not one seat left outside! So now to the best part… the terrace! I think of it more as a pseudo rooftop, because it is kind of a roof but it’s only one story off of the ground.



The way they decorate it though is beautiful! There are stringed lights, flowers, and plants everywhere and you feel like you are in a secret garden. The only thing that reminds you you’re still in Brooklyn is the big graffiti wall behind the bar which adds an edgy feel.



Now for the drinks, we tried a bunch of them since Tara, our friend Katy, and I all got different choices. I think we agreed that the Orange Blossom Rum Lemonade was the favorite, while the Basil Lime Gin Gimlet and Rosemary and Ginger Bourbon were also really good. We also took a few sips of Katy’s Jalapeno and Black Currant Tequila as well as the Bisongrass, Vodka, Apple, and Goji Berries cocktail. The jalapeno one tasted a lot like a margarita to no surprise, while her second one tasted just like apple pie! All of them were pretty sweet, but the perfect little treat to have while spending a summer night on a rooftop garden.



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