Feature Friday: Artist & Textile Designer Kat Statsenko


KStatsenkoThis weeks Feature is Kat Statsenko. She is a multi-talented fine artist and textile designer living right here in the Big Apple. Her print designs caught our eyes because they are so fresh, colorful and visually entertaining. Another thing she can add to her creative resume is photography as she has an awesome Insta feed filled with great shots of the city. To learn more about her start in the art world, what inspires her pieces and her advice for getting after your dreams read on!


Castle Logo: Tell us a little about yourself.
Screenshot (83): I was born in Ukraine, raised in Hyde Park, NY and recently moved to Brooklyn after completing a Fine Arts degree from Moore College of Art & Design.


Castle Logo: What made you initially interested in pursuing art and specifically prints?
Screenshot (83): My passion for art and surface print design goes back to my roots and traditions of Ukrainian textiles. I have been drawing since I was little and my grandmother taught me how to embroider and crochet. However, it wasn’t until I immigrated to the United States that I realized I can pursue my dream as an artist professionally.


Castle Logo: All of your prints are so colorful and fun! How did you find a specific style?

Screenshot (83): I am drawn to vibrant colors and patterns. Some of my inspiration comes from contrast between old and new architecture, composition of a colorful dish, fractals in nature or glitches in technology. I try to view the world with a sense of wonder and notice things that might be overlooked.


Castle Logo: When you are designing textiles how do you make seemingly uncoordinated patterns work together? 

Screenshot (83): My studio practice has an interdisciplinary approach and Fine Art is interconnected with Textiles, they feed each other and lead to other ideas. I enjoy combining things that might not go together, to create something that has an exciting edge or contrast but is also visually stimulating.


Castle Logo: You also do Fine Art. What inspires your paintings or drawings?

Screenshot (83): I bring experiences from everyday life into my practice, such as encountering glitches on electronic devices. I replicate these glitches though embroidery on fabric and stretch them into squares as “paintings,” while simultaneously referencing Instagram and the digital square format. There is always a tension or contrast between the relationships of objects, ideas or thinking in my work.


Castle Logo: You live in NYC and take a lot of awesome photographs of the city. What do you like most about living here?  

Screenshot (83): Definitely the infinite possibilities of things to do, see, eat, listen and experience. A few of my favorites are the roof and the Egyptian section of the Met, R Robots Mural in Williamsburg, Socrates Sculpture Park, Veselka for Ukrainian food, beer at Torst and recently I had a chance to hear an orchestra performance at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine!


Castle Logo: Artistic fields are known for not being very lucrative. What would you say to an artist or student who is looking to start a career in the arts?

Screenshot (83): To be diverse and gain as many skills as you can that fit into the subjects you are passionate about. As an artist you are your own brand and an entrepreneur, it’s important to also know the business side of the arts. At Moore, I minored in Business, which helped expand my understanding of the field as a whole.


Castle Logo: What are your greatest dreams for your career?
Screenshot (83): My current goals include showing my work in a gallery and publishing a book of drawings.


Castle Logo: What’s your fave NYC spot for inspiration?

Screenshot (83): The galleries in Chelsea.


Castle Logo: Any advice?

Screenshot (83):  I love this quote by Jim Watkins – a river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence. Being persistent is key. You can be the most talented person in the world but you also need the passion and drive to get where you want to go.

Instagram – @katstatsenko

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