Best Eats at Smorgasburg


We’re rolling out some of our favorite eats from our summer trips to Smorgasburg!

Our top pick has to go to Mighty Quinn’s as we have become quite obsessed with their BBQ. I first tried their brisket sandwich at Smorgasburg, which is so delicious. They definitely have one of the best briskets I’ve ever tried and the sandwich comes with an assortment of yummy pickled veggies. If you are also looking to fill up on one item the full size brisket sandwich is wallet friendly at $9.

Since trying Mighty Quinn’s at Smorgasburg we have gone to one of their restaurant locations in Clifton, NJ a few times. If you have the chance to get to one of their actual locations I’d highly recommend you do so. They have three locations in Manhattan and two in Brooklyn in addition to the one in Jersey where you can take advantage of their full menu offerings. We cannot get enough of their sweet potato casserole. It is like “take a spoon and eat it out of the container like it’s a pint of ice cream” good. If you’re looking for something unique get the Brontosaurus Rib. It is insanely huge and insanely flavorful. It’s the best beef rib I’ve ever had even though I had to work on it for three days.



Next up, are the stuffed sopapillas at the Zia Green Chile Company. Cailin got the ones stuffed with red chile chicken. It was the perfect fix to her cravings for New Mexican food. It was fresh, crunchy and you honestly can’t go wrong with a little kick of spiciness from their amazing green chile.


Pretty much tied with the stuffed sopapillas is Carnal’s beef short rib with bone marrow and tomato relish. It has a great outside crust to it and is super tender on the inside. For those who may shy away from the bone marrow part, bone marrow can be used like any other fat to add flavor and has been known to boost our immune systems. The tomato relish is a perfect addition to the rich meat by adding something a little acidic to the mix.




Lastly we just had to try the scallion pancake wraps from Outer Borough. Cailin and I shared the beef roll which is a scallion pancake with braised beef, cucumbers, cilantro, scallions and their signature Borough Sauce. If you like scallion pancakes you’ll love this. Our friend’s nachos from El Gato Nacho and Maple Lemonade from Rockville Market Farm may have snuck into a few pics. 




Keep in mind these are only some of our favorites from this summer, if you’d like to see all of the vendors we’ve tried take a look at our past posts on Smorgasburg here and here!

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