Feature Friday: Artist Kindah Khalidy

Happy Feature Friday!

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This week we are featuring painter and textile designer Kindah Khalidy. She really has a distinctive style that lends its hand to a variety of canvases from bags and dresses to wallpaper and actual canvases. In addition to working on her art, she also runs her own online store where you can pick up all her incredibly cute pieces. Plus, if you’re ever feeling down in the dumps just head over to Kindah’s instagram. All the vibrant colors she uses in her work are sure to liven up your mood!

Castle Logo: Introduce yourself and tell us a little about what makes you you.

wholesale_kindahkhalidylogo: My name is Kindah, I’m a California based artist. I also design textiles, most of which come directly from my paintings.


Castle Logo: Describe your work’s style and aesthetic?

wholesale_kindahkhalidylogo: I’m obsessed with color, so I spend most of my time exploring the relationships between different combinations and forms. As far as textiles, I’m working on creating designs that are feminine and comedic, but not too mushy.

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Castle Logo: You paint, sew and make soft sculptures among other things! How did you get into all of these outlets?

wholesale_kindahkhalidylogo: I like to work in a lot of different mediums – it just depends on the idea that I have. I choose the materials based on what conveys an idea the strongest. My mom worked in a fabric store all throughout my childhood, so I spent a lot of time exploring there.


Castle Logo: What did it feel like when you sold your first piece of work?

wholesale_kindahkhalidylogo: Thrilling! It’s the best feeling to find a home for something that you made with your own hands.


Castle Logo: Did you go to school for art or are you self taught?

wholesale_kindahkhalidylogo: I went to an art college but a lot skills for running a business I had to pick up along the way.

Screenshot (92)

Castle Logo: What is your favorite part about expressing yourself through painting?

wholesale_kindahkhalidylogo: I don’t know how else to explain it, but it’s my favorite activity. I feel like I’m exercising my brain in a way that would normally be dormant if I didn’t paint. You get to work through a lot of things when you’re making art.


Castle Logo: Your pieces are so vibrant and colorful! Describe the process that goes into creating them.

wholesale_kindahkhalidylogo: I don’t pre-plan the paintings, but I’ve developed a style of working that I need to keep at for a while. I need to see how far I can push this method.

Screenshot (93)

Castle Logo: You also run your own online shop. What are some of the fun parts of running your own business and some of its difficulties?

wholesale_kindahkhalidylogo: The fun part is making your own schedule and getting to work on whatever idea comes to you in the moment. The difficult part is ramping up your self discipline because there’s no one telling you to get things done except yourself.

Screenshot (94)

Castle Logo: What are some of the steps you think artists need to take to become full-time/working artists?

wholesale_kindahkhalidylogo: Find out what you really want- dream big. Then find out the little steps you need to achieve that dream along the way.


Castle Logo: Name a few things that inspire your studio space?

wholesale_kindahkhalidylogo: Minimilism – my space is so far from that but it inspires me. I’m starting to catalog my textiles, so I’ve been thinking about my favorite museum textile exhibits.

Screenshot (90)

Castle Logo: Any advice?

wholesale_kindahkhalidylogo: DREAM BIG, why would you not?

You can find more of Kindah’s work below:

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