Rockaway Beach


It’s crazy that amidst all of NYC there can be beautiful beaches within the boroughs! We had already been to Brighton Beach (near Coney Island- read our post about it here!) so I wanted to try something new and had heard Rockaway Beach in Queens was beautiful! It was tricky to get there since we found out much, much too late that there was limited subway service. The good thing is that normally all you have to do is take the subway there so it’s such an affordable trip! In our instance though, we had to transfer to a bus but it ended up working out since it took us further down the beach and we ended up getting off around 100th St. This area was far less crowded than the rest of the beach so we lucked out (but shh don’t tell too many people!). Rockaway Beach was just as I had heard, beautiful, clean, and so relaxing!






I’m a huge waves person so I loved going into the ocean and jumping over the waves. The Rockaways are known for having surfers so the water there is definitely a little more intense than Coney Island, but was perfect for me! After catching some sun, we headed to the Rockaway Beach Surf Club for lunch. There they have a little outdoor area where Tacoaway Beach sells.. you guessed it, tacos! They also have cheese and bean quesadillas, so Tara and I each got one as well as a super fresh Mint Lemonade to share.








It has a great tropical, surf town vibe and is a nice spot to just chill after a long day at the beach. As with all NYC beaches, it’s a little more than an hour from Midtown, but well worth the trip to feel like you’re on vacation while being in the city all along.

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