A Day in Vermont


During the summer Cailin and I are always looking for outdoorsy adventures. We went on a day trip to Vermont and Cailin decided that our activity for the day would be hopping around looking for covered bridges. Before you laugh at this choice of activity, it’s actually pretty fun and you can treat it as a kind of treasure hunt. Covered bridges were created to keep the wooden truss protected from the weather and upon doing a little research into the history of the covered bridge (I’m a dork, haha) it seems people are very serious about seeing these historic bridges. There’s even a whole site dedicated to providing interactive maps for all the covered bridges in the U.S. and Canada. Turns out, Vermont is actually kind of famous for their covered bridges since the state built and still contains the most covered bridges in the U.S.

We ended up seeing two bridges the Paper Mill Bridge in Bennington and the Chiselville Covered Bridge in Sunderland. We really wanted to see the Chiselville Covered Bridge because of its “One Dollar Fine for Driving Faster Than a Walk on This Bridge” sign which really takes you back in time. It was also goes over a cute brook that we ventured down to. It was a hot day so dipping our feet in the brook was the perfect way to cool off, relax and take in the scenery.







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