NYC Weekend Brunch


If you know anything about NYC, then you know weekend brunch is a sacred tradition. Well for us, not really a tradition since it is pretty pricy, but we do love to test out new brunch spots once in a while. We had some friends from our hometown come visit and couldn’t let them leave without the typical brunch! So we headed to Cafe Orlin in the East Village at around 11 on a Saturday morning.


We had heard there would probably be a long wait since all of those other city dwellers love their brunch, and when we got there we saw a few people waiting outside. Luckily, the cards were in our favor because literally 5 seconds after I put in my name for the wait list, we were called inside and got the most perfect private table! It helped that we were a group of four since most people there were in groups of 2 or 3 tops and had to wait for smaller tables to free up.


They have a great brunch special which includes one entree, coffee/tea, and orange juice all for $15.50. And yes, unfortunately this is the best deal you’re going to get (for the value) when it comes to NYC pricing. Tara went for the Eggs Benedict, I got Eggs Blackstone which comes with tomato, bacon, and multigrain toast, and our friend Katie chose Eggs Norwegian, which included salmon, all from the $15.50 menu. Then our friend Kristen got an omelette which looked so good and we all had coffee/tea and amazingly delicious fresh squeezed orange juice. I really loved this juice, no lie.


I also am not a huge home fries fan (or any potato products for that matter…), but actually really liked the home fries that came with it! I’m pretty sure we all cleaned our plates completely and were stuffed. I definitely recommend Cafe Orlin if you’re looking for a brunch spot that is reasonably priced and will actually leave you full.

IMG_3019 IMG_3032IMG_3009

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