End of Summer Berkshires Weekend


Since college Cailin and I have been giving each other experience presents compared to actual gifts for our birthdays. This year I got Cailin a weekend at a cabin in the Berkshires! My parents pitched in to make it a full family getaway. Our check-in was at 3pm so on the way there we stopped at No Six Depot Roastery Cafe. It is a super cute cafe with a delicious drink and food menu. We planned a big dinner at the cabin, so we only got drinks. Together we got a iced latte, Mocha Latte, Mexican Hot Chocolate and lemonade. Everything was great and if you’re in the area while it’s still warm get the lemonade. It was the perfect combo of tart and sweet.





Once we got into town we stopped at the only large grocery store and stocked up on all of our grilling and campfire essentials. When we got to the cute cabin we explored the area which was only a five minute walk to the lake.




By that time we were all ready for dinner, so we started up a campfire and got to grilling. It was so nice to be able to eat on the outdoor porch in the middle of the woods as the sun set.




Now my favorite part…s’mores! I absolutely love fire roasted marshmallows and you can’t really get the same roasted taste without an open campfire. We sat around the fire talking and eating s’mores before we went back in the cabin for a game of scrabble. All the photos of me around the fire are kind of silly because I’m cocooned in a million towels. The mosquitoes really like me no matter what I do. :p Look out for our next post on all our outdoor adventures we had on our second day of the trip!



IMG_4871 (1)

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