Canoeing and Cliff Jumping in the Berkshires


When looking up things to do near our cabin I saw that there was a 300 ft. deep quarry filled with water that was perfect  for cliff diving! We had to hike a bit to get there, but once we got to the quarry we had the place to ourselves! There were a few heights to dive from, the highest being 60 ft (!!!), but since it is an old quarry there are old wires and scrap metal at the bottom of it so we had to be careful and not jump from too high. We spent a few hours there and it was so cool to be jumping into this swimming hole basically in the middle of the forest.



After the Quarry we headed to the lake near our cabin for some more swimming. We were also lucky enough to have access to a canoe there so we canoed all over the lake enjoying the scenery.


2015-08-31 16.03.30


Since it was the end of summer, it was super peaceful and not too busy so I recommend going to the Berkshires on the last few days of August to get that true “in the mountains” feeling.

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