Apple Picking Adventures


One of our favorite fall activities is apple picking! To celebrate our friend’s birthday a group of us went out to brunch and after went to the orchard to pick some apples.


We had a great time searching the orchard for our favorite apple varieties. We just all had to have some Macintosh! We even went as far as giving each other an extra boost to get the apple of our eyes (oh so punny πŸ˜›)

IMG_5941 IMG_5966 IMG_5797 IMG_5846

CailinΒ and one of our friends, Katie, even recreated some photos they took 4Β years ago at the same orchard.


Our final stop was the orchard’s store for some cider doughnuts. We had such a great time with old friends enjoying a perfect fall day.

IMG_5965 IMG_5940 IMG_5859 IMG_5874 IMG_5866

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