DIY Pumpkin Painting


Halloween is right around the corner but the World Series is already here! I decided to combine the two when pumpkin painting this year. For some reason I had the overwhelming want to recreate the Mets home run apple, but didn’t realize how difficult it would be. After many hours, I love how it turned out and wanted to show you the steps to creating a more difficult pumpkin masterpiece!


STEP ONE: Pick your pumpkin and your paint. I chose the most circular pumpkin because it would be perfect for re-creating the apple shape. I also wasted a ton of paint so make sure to put a little less on your palette to be safe!


STEP TWO: Get a reference photo, paint the base layer and wait for it to dry. Your intricate design will look a lot better if you copy from a photo so make sure to find exactly what you want to paint. In other pumpkin painting tutorials, no one really tells you how long it takes for your first layer to dry. You can’t paint on top of the base color until it’s 100% dry so honestly it’s a pretty long process. Painting the bottom is also tricky so you have to wait for one side to completely dry. That way, you can put the pumpkin on it’s side while you paint the bottom. I went over the red base layer about three times so that there was no way any orange could show through!


STEP THREE: Don’t forget to paint the stem! Before I painted the stem brown it looked more like a huge tomato than an apple! You can even be creative with the stem and make it striped, polka dotted, or any fun color that matches your design!


STEP FOUR: Paint the next layer with larger details. Once your base is totally dry it’s time for that next layer! I added the apple leaf and the white circle of the logo and then waited about 20 minutes for it to fully dry.


STEP FIVE: Begin sketching your design and adding the next layer. I used a yellow colored pencil to sketch the bridge, skyline, and Mets logo. It works better than a regular pencil since the sketch will be easier to paint over especially if your design has lighter colors. Then just paint in your sketch, use a smaller brush to fine tune edges, and wait for it to dry!


STEP SIX (This is it!): Paint your very last layer. You’ll have to pile on the paint quite a bit to make the colors as rich as they should be. In my case, the orange in the Mets writing was turning green on top of the blue, so approx. ten layers of orange later, it finally showed up. And that’s it! All that’s left to do is admire how cool and unique your pumpkin is! If you’ve painted an awesome pumpkin this season make sure to tag us or mention us on Instagram & Twitter!

IMG_7894 IMG_7993IMG_7977IMG_7970

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