Culture Espresso


As our long time readers know, Cailin and I love finding new NYC cafes to work in. It can be a tough task since seating is usually scarce and hogging a spot for an extended time isn’t the most courteous thing to do. Another hurdle is finding cute independent coffee shops in walkable distance from Midtown West. So when we found Culture Espresso we were super happy! We went to their original location at 72 West 38th St., but they have a second location called Culture 36 on… you guessed it 36th St. between 7th and 8th Ave.


We both got flat whites and shared one of their famous chocolate chip cookies. Both were really delicious. If you’re looking for quality espresso and baked goods, Culture Espresso is a great place to find it. The seating is a little limited with three small tables, a few window seats and one communal table in the middle, but if you go in the late afternoon you can sit and chat for several hours!

IMG_7916 IMG_7914 IMG_7912

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