Coffee Hopping in SoCo


As Tara mentioned in one of our previous Texas posts, South Congress, otherwise known as SoCo was one of our favorite areas of Austin! On our first full day in Texas, we started off by grabbing coffee and breakfast burritos at Jo’s, an Austin staple. They’re famous for their Iced Turbo which is a delicious combo of hazelnut, chocolate, coffee and cream. We had to try it and as the contents elude to, it definitely didn’t need any sugar added.


It was the perfect fix to go with the Migas breakfast burrito we got since it came with the spiciest sauce ever! Our favorite thing about Jo’s was how cool the whole set-up was. You just walk up to the counter (which is outside), and then they have tons of tables on a small patio to the side.


NYC doesn’t really have outdoor coffee shops so we loved this aspect of Austin. Of course we also had to snap photos with the well-known “I love you so much” wall that is on the side of Jo’s.


Next, (like literally right after) we went to get more coffee but this time at Tom’s Roasting Co. It’s both a cafe and the store for the brand Toms, and Tara has always loved their shoes and their one-for-one mission!


I got an amazingly delicious Cafe Au Lait and Tara got her usual Americano and when we went to find seating we were overwhelmed by all of the options. We ended up switching seats twice just because their outdoor terrace had the most fun chairs.


We started at the rope swings and then switched to the bungee chairs and made sure to take tons of pics with their huge GIVE wall. Just like Jo’s, their set-up was the best part! And of course, the coffee! If you’re in Austin, I would recommend both places for sure. Or if you’re like us, both places all in one day!


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