Austin Eats: Voodoo Doughnuts


If you’ve been keeping up with us or follow us on Instagram, then you already know how much we love doughnuts. I have to take this chance to link back to some of our old posts on Dough, Dun-Well, and Montclair Bread Co. so you can see how our artisanal doughnut hunt has gone so far. When looking up doughnut shops in Austin, I saw that Voodoo Doughnut had opened only two weeks prior in the Sixth Street District. I have been wanting to try their crazy looking doughnuts so this trip was the perfect opportunity! Since it is relatively new, the lines can get a little long but we got there early in the morning and beat the rush.

IMG_8503 IMG_8499

This gave us the prime time to stare at the rotating display of doughnuts and pick which one we wanted. I love Oreos and Peanut Butter so I chose that one, otherwise named, Old Dirty Bastard. These doughnuts sure have some funny names. Tara got the Voodoo Doughnut which is a chocolate frosted, raspberry filled voodoo doll with a pretzel stick going through its heart! We both loved our doughnuts and the cool looking shop. They even had doughnuts hanging from a tree in the sky and a huge light up American flag in the front. They’re only located in Portland, Denver, Taiwan, and Austin so we were lucky to be able to finally try them and check another place off of our artisanal doughnut hunt.

IMG_8506 IMG_8498 IMG_8496 IMG_8510 IMG_8509

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