A Walk Around Town


One of Cailin and I’s favorite things to do when we visit a new place is to just walk around. There were so many cool things to see so we kept snapping photos to share with you all! We loved how quirky and Americana everything looked in the South Congress area.



From there we walked to The Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake. The trail goes straight into the lake and has an amazing view of the Austin skyline. We walked along it until we got to a second entrance where we hopped on a bus and headed to the La Barbecue food truck in the Aztec Food Park. We got the brisket sandwich and a Big Red soda, the latter was created in Texas. Unfortunately, we realized we didn’t take a single picture of our meal because everything was so good that we scarfed it down in one minute. Cailin also spilled half of her Big Red all over me, so the camera was immediately put away for safe keeping, which contributed to the lack of pics, haha! However, it was definitely some of the best brisket we ever had so if you want to try some Texas barbecue, La Barbecue comes highly recommended.


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