Graffiti Park


One of the really cool things we got to do in Austin was go to Graffiti Park on Baylor St. with our cousin. Since 2011 this site has been the home of The Hope Gallery, who uses the space to allow muralists and other artists the opportunity to make large scale outdoor projects.

IMG_8518 IMG_8543 IMG_8635

The graffiti is sprayed on the foundation of a building that was never finished, so to give you a little warning, it sits atop a fairly steep incline. So be careful! The structure wasn’t meant to be walked through so we’d recommend some good walking shoes if you plan on doing so. The view of Austin at the top is definitely worth the adventurous climb!


We spent awhile there looking at the different street art and climbing in between the walls to get some cool photos. We even found an old spray paint can that had a little bit left in it, so we just had to make our mark on the walls! If you are looking for something a little off the beaten path in Austin and want to see some local artists in action, you should check out The Hope Gallery.

IMG_8577 IMG_8585 IMG_8590 IMG_8630 IMG_8612


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