Feature Friday: Sneakers by Jordana

Happy Feature Friday!

Screenshot (170)This week we are featuring Jordana Schrager of Sneakers by Jordana. We love her amazingly detailed and eye-catching sneaker designs. We also love how she turned a simple hobby into a business with celebrity clients! Since Sneakers by Jordana orders are all custom made you can only imagine all the amazing creations you can dream up and Jordana can create. With her success in the shoe industry Jordana also started SKICKS, a shoe company that lets you rep your college team in style. Read on for more from Jordana and how she does it all.

Castle Logo: Tell us about yourself and what made you start Sneakers by Jordana.

9b48b31d22f9480467153dba765f311a: I started customizing Vans in high school! One night, I was grounded for staying out past my curfew and was stuck in my room with nothing to do. I saw a pair of old white Vans sneakers on the floor next to me and decided to doodle on them. After a few hours of doodling and designing, the sneakers were no longer white, but were pieces of art! From then on, I continued to customize sneakers. What started out as a hobby customizing sneakers for my friends and family grew into my very own business!

Screenshot (177)

Castle Logo: How long does it take to make one of these masterpieces and what is the whole process like?

9b48b31d22f9480467153dba765f311a: When I first started Sneakers by Jordana, it took me a while to create a pair of sneakers. Now, I can customize a pair of sneakers in a day or two depending on the design and size. Although all of my sneakers are custom, I always have the same Sneakers by Jordana style! I first learn about my customers to understand who they are and what they want to put on their Sneakers by Jordana. Once I start designing, however, my style comes into play! I always use bright, vivid colors and funky, hip patterns to make the designs my own.

Screenshot (187)

Castle Logo: You have a very identifiable pop-artesque style. How did you decide on this aesthetic for your shoe designs?

9b48b31d22f9480467153dba765f311a: I always use bright, vivid colors and funky, hip patterns to make the designs my own. I love standing out and expressing myself through fashion, and would like all of my customers to feel unique and express themselves through their Sneakers by Jordana.

Screenshot (174)

Castle Logo: Your sneakers have even been taken notice by celebrities! You’ve most recently gotten Miley Cyrus to wear a pair. How did this happen and how cool is it to see your shoes being worn by people like her?

9b48b31d22f9480467153dba765f311a: Seeing Miley Cyrus wearing my sneakers backstage at the VMAs was absolutely amazing. I was freaking out!!! Her friend actually ordered a Happy Hippie themed pair of Sneakers by Jordana to give to Miley as a gift.

Screenshot (173)

Castle Logo: You do a lot of custom shoes as well! What is your favorite part about making a custom piece and do you have a favorite pair that you’ve worked on?

9b48b31d22f9480467153dba765f311a: My favorite part of creating the sneakers is the actual design process. I put on my favorite music and comfortable clothes, and I draw on the sneakers for hours without realizing where the time went. I love creating custom sneakers for some of my celebrity clients! I’ve made sneakers for Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, P!NK, and Miley Cyrus! Miley actually just wore her custom Happy Hippie sneakers backstage at the VMAs!

Screenshot (194)

Castle Logo: You also have created another shoe brand, Skicks, that are all college-themed sneakers. Tell us a little bit about what it’s been like since you’ve started this venture and how you handle the two brands at once!

9b48b31d22f9480467153dba765f311a: After receiving so many orders for college themed Sneakers by Jordana, I realized that there were no stylish and spirited sneakers out there for college fans. This inspired me to start SKICKS, which is a collegiate themed sneaker line. We just launched 21 new schools and will continue to add new schools to our SKICKS line in the near future! You can check out our styles at http://www.skicks.com! It has been difficult managing my time working on both Sneakers by Jordana and SKICKS while still in college. I’ve become extremely organized and I use my time wisely.

Screenshot (189)

Castle Logo: You’ve gotten your shoes showcased on many different websites and in the media. What has been the coolest thing to come out of your business so far?

9b48b31d22f9480467153dba765f311a: One of my coolest things I’ve done so far was working with Taco Bell, who hired me to create two custom Taco Bell themed sneakers! It was amazing being able to work with a corporate company and share my designs with their team and their customers.

Screenshot (180)

Castle Logo: Which pair of Sneakers by Jordana do you find yourself wearing the most?

9b48b31d22f9480467153dba765f311a: My favorite pair of sneakers to wear would be my tribal collection theme. They are bright, exciting, and edgy, and go with everything I own!! I love slipping them on with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a cute top.

Screenshot (175)

Castle Logo: What is next for you and where do you hope your brands go in the future?

9b48b31d22f9480467153dba765f311a: I am ready to take the Sneakers by Jordana brand to the next level by mass producing my unique designs on sneakers and other products.

Screenshot (178)

Castle Logo: Do you have any advice for artists out there or those looking to start a creative business endeavor like yours?

9b48b31d22f9480467153dba765f311a: Work hard and believe in yourself!!!

Instas: Sneakers by Jordana •SKICKS

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