Texas Roundup


Finally finishing up our Texas trip with a little roundup (pun intended) of the things we left out of previous posts! First off – if you’re in the Austin area and have a little time to venture out of the city, I highly suggest you visit Georgetown. We spent a almost a full day in their town square and loved the relaxed, small-town vibe it had.

IMG_8811 (3)

We started by getting coffee at a local cafe called Cianfrani. Our cousins have gone there for poetry readings in the past so that would be a fun thing to check out if you’re in the area one evening.  While there I got a delicious and very spicy Chai Latte while Tara got one of the best White Chocolate Mochas I’ve tried! Also had to get some Pumpkin Bread and Banana Walnut Bread while we were at it.

IMG_8806 (2)IMG_8803 (2)IMG_8799 (3)

After, we went around to the town square’s shops to peruse the antiques, clothes, and unique Texas food items. At one antique store I was super excited to find a Gerald Ford pin. A little known fact about me is that Gerald Ford is my fave Prez and I’ve been starting a Presidential pin collection (fun… right?) so to find one for him was perfect! I also have an awesome “I like Ike” pin in my collection that started it all. If you want to see “The Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas” and get out of Austin for a more relaxed day, Georgetown is the perfect place!

IMG_8807 (2)IMG_8808 (2)IMG_8812 (2)

While in Georgetown, we also got a chance to take a tour of the Inner Space Caverns. We’ve only been in a cavern a few times in New York, so it was cool to see what a Texas cavern was like! Of course it wouldn’t be a cavern without all of the stalagmites and stalactites which we love and had to take pictures of!

IMG_8798 (3)IMG_8797 (3)IMG_8794 (3)

On our tour, our guide had funny stories about some of the rock formations since a lot of them looked like different objects. There was an ice cream cone, a royal family, and “straws” hanging from the ceiling! What we also found really cool was that the water inside the cavern was 99% pure! But make sure not to touch it — we were informed that it’s a felony! Again, if you’re in Austin you can definitely fit both of these outings into one big Georgetown day trip!

IMG_8793 (2)IMG_8791 (3)

As for the rest of our Texas roundup, we went line dancing at Coupland Dance Hall, explored our cousin’s town of Granger, and ate and ate some more! Everything really is bigger in Texas (especially the food) so when visiting, be sure to bring your appetite. I’ll conclude this post with the must-do things while in Texas.

  1. Eat some BBQ and get Big Red soda to go with it.
  2. Try chicken fried steak — we had chicken fried steak tenders and a chicken fried steak burger. Both amazing! Oh and also get humongous unlimited Sweet Tea along with it.
  3. Go line dancing. We went to Coupland Dance Hall but there are plenty of other local places to dance in different cities.
  4. See street art if you’re visiting Austin!
  5. Find an epic view of the skyline. (Austin, Dallas, and Houston all have great skylines so be sure to get that perfect pic)

That’s it for our Texas trip! If you guys have any questions or are planning a trip to Texas yourself, feel free to ask or shoot us a comment on IG!

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