Liberia, Puntarenas & Jacó


This January we had the chance to travel to Costa Rica. We were super excited to go on this trip since it had been in the works for years. We landed in Liberia, picked up our rental car and stayed the night in the city. Our hostel had this cute little backyard with string lights and hammocks, so we stayed out there a bit and talked with the other hostel guests.


The next morning we got up bright and early to start our road trip down the Pacific side of Costa Rica. Our first stop was Puntarenas, a peninsula that houses a lovely beach town. On the top of our to-do list in Puntarenas was to get an infamous Churchill, a drink made of shaved ice, syrup, condensed milk, powdered milk and topped with ice cream. The drink actually got its name because its creator resembled Winston Churchill. There are a lot of varieties of the Churchill, but we thought it’d be best to try it from the shop where it originated, Kiosko el Sesteo. The restaurant is located right off the beach, so it is just the spot to get a refreshing drink! The Churchill is definitely unique and more of a dessert drink, but if you like very sweet things you’ll love it.



While in Puntarenas we also walked along Paseo de los Turistas (tourist walk) and checked out all the market stands of local items and souvenirs. We bought a cute coin purse with a toucan on it and other little things to bring back for family and friends. After that, we walked along the beach and found a big pile of driftwood that made a perfect vantage point for viewing the scenery. On our way back to the car we also made sure to snap a few photos of the beautiful street art we had caught while driving down the peninsula.





Our next pit-stop was Jacó. After driving for a little bit we wanted to stretch our legs so we decided to check out another beach. The beach in Puntarenas has a walkway running along the top of the beach, but in Jacó the beach was just lined with tall palm trees. It made for a really nice view, and to top it off as we were just about to leave, we saw a group of people looking far off and pointing. We decided to check it out and there was a bunch of macaws in a tree nearby. They were just as beautiful as the photos you see! There’s more of our Costa Rica trip to come, so stay tuned!




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