Manuel Antonio –> Drake Bay


For our next leg of the trip we headed to the small (like really small) town of Sierpe to catch a boat to Drake Bay. Drake Bay is a part of the Osa Peninsula, one of Costa Rica’s most biodiverse sections, which made it more difficult to get to – but totally worth it. After arriving in Sierpe and leaving our rental car in a grassy knoll for $3 a day, we hopped on a boat and off we went!


It took about an hour to get there, going through both the Sierpe River and the Pacific Ocean! We had heard that the boats can’t go all the way to shore so they drop you off knee deep and you have to wade your way to shore, luggage and all.  It was the perfect start to our Drake Bay adventure since it set the whole wilderness vibe that we had gone there for. Once we got on shore, we were driven in a rickety wooden truck bed to the cabinas we’d be staying in. As we got there, I saw the tree right across from our hotel filled with macaws who flew away before I had a chance to grab my binoculars!


Luckily we saw two macaws on our way to lunch a bit later. The town of Drake Bay is totally walkable (since it’s tiny!) and we used our afternoon to explore more and grab lunch. As usual I got a casado but with carne (steak) this time and another jugo de fruta naturale. Oh and extra platanos because I became semi-obsessed with them! We wanted to see a little more of Drake Bay, so after lunch we went on a walk to find a hanging bridge I had heard about.


To get there we walked all along the beach and then through a small section of rainforest. We came across tons of Costa Rican dogs, a horse roaming around by itself, a lot of cool plants, and a gigantic bamboo tree.


On our way, we stumbled upon a small wooden bridge that was covered in capuchin monkeys! There was maybe ten of them! I first thought the area was part of a wildlife refuge, but realized that ~whoa!~ we’re actually in Costa Rica where monkeys can be casually found in the wild. The coolest part was that there was a baby on it’s mom’s back! All of us agreed that Drake Bay was what we imagined Costa Rica to be in our heads – tropical, remote, and full of wildlife!


Finally we made it to the hanging bridge after some serious walking through a tiny path in the jungle. Just look at the water under this bridge! It’s so turquoise! After the bridge, we headed back to the beach to catch the sunset and then to our cabinas to prepare for our full day ahead at Corcovado National Park! —> coming up next!


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