Sweet Pix Photoboards

sweet pix banner

We love our photos, but in today’s day in age most of them end up stuck on our phones and computers. In turn, when Sweet Pix reached out to us about their photoboards we loved the idea of getting our photos off of our phones and onto our walls! Plus they are giving you guys 25% off your purchase with code CF25! Read on to learn more about our great experience with Sweet Pix!


To order your photos all you have to do is download the Sweet Pix App. The app is extremely easy to use. Just pick the photos you want to print from your photo stream or even Instagram, crop them to the size of the boards, take one last look at the final results and you’re done! You can enter your shipping and payment info right on the app and an order confirmation will be sent to the email you provide.


We chose to get photoboards of all the places we lived and some of our favorite travel destinations. We have so many photos from all of our trips so it was nice to be able to hang them up without the hassle of printing them out ourselves and finding frames. We also got some family photos printed, since if you’re anything like us, your house is filled with family photos from when you were younger, but there are only so many recent shots around.


The photos themselves came out beautifully on the 8×8 boards. The quality was great and even better, the photo surface is UV resistant and waterproof, so you can hang on to your Sweet Pix photoboards for a long time. Additionally, putting them up couldn’t be any simpler. Each board comes with special adhesive pads that won’t damage your walls. This was great for us since we’re not really allowed to poke big holes in our apartment walls! All you have to do is put the adhesive pads on each corner of your board and stick it to the wall where you like it. They’re also repositionable so if you don’t like how you arranged them the first time, you can try again! We had a perfect place for most of our boards above our kitchen table.


We also really loved that the boards are a 1/2″ thick. We’re both fans of decorating walls with dimensional items instead of flat ones so they fit in perfectly with our other decor. Overall, our experience with Sweet Pix was fun, easy to use and resulted in great photoboards that we can enjoy for years to come. Sweet Pix was kind enough to let all you guys in on the photoboard amazingness with a 25%  off your purchase with code: CF25 

This deal lasts until 3/20/2016 so make sure you take advantage of it. With 4 photoboards usually totaling at $45, with this code you can get them all for just $33! Happy photo choosing!

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