Beach Hopping the Nicoya Peninsula


For our last few days in Costa Rica we wanted to just relax on the beach after packed days of rainforest hiking and adventure activities. So we headed to the Nicoya Peninsula on the Northwest Coast which is known for their beaches. Basically every town on the coast has it’s own beach so we wanted to visit as many as possible and ended up hitting three of them! We started at Playa Brasilito which was the longest beach and perfect if you want to walk all along the shoreline (which is what we did during the sunset!) Connected to Playa Brasilito is Playa Conchal so it was easy just to go from one to the other!




Playa Conchal is this crazy beach that is literally covered in shells. (Conchal = shells in Spanish!) Everywhere you look and step there are tiny shells and the water is crystal clear! If you don’t want to lay out on shells though, just walk a little further down the beach and it turns to sand. It was definitely the prettiest beach of the bunch since not only did it have the shells but it also had little rocky coves in the ocean that are perfect for sitting and talking in!



For our next and final day in Costa Rica we went to Tamarindo, again to the beach, but also to grab last minute souvenirs for our family and friends. This was a huge beach as well which gave us ample space to spread out from other tourists… speaking of, it’s kind of a touristy area, so if you want a more authentic experience you’re better off going further down the coast to some smaller towns. It was perfect for us though since there were tons of shops and we were able to get some cute handmade gifts. We found two gorgeous bags and Tara got the coolest sloth earrings — plus we both had to get bracelets that said Pura Vida, the country’s mantra.



After grabbing empanadas and insane coffee granizados (which are basically what we call slushies), we headed back to the beach for the sunset and to watch the many sailboats and surfers catch their last wave. Playa Tamarindo is known for their “fiery sunsets” and we were lucky to see one! It was one of the more bustling places we went to, but is perfect if you want to do fun beach activities like parasail, horseback ride, take surf lessons, or even ride a banana boat! The Nicoya Peninsula in general is a great place to visit because so many different towns and beaches are close together and easily accessible. It was the perfect way to end our trip and we really loved every place we visited in all of Costa Rica. It’s such a beautiful and friendly country so if it isn’t on your bucketlist currently, it’s a must-visit place! Pura Vida!



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