Moe’s Doughs


Being in the lovely food oasis that is NYC, whenever Cailin and I are craving a doughnut we always choose a new shop to try. This time we went to Moe’s Doughs Donut Shop in Greenpoint.


They have so many unique doughnuts that we got a box full and ended up sampling them for the next few days. It was hard to narrow it down, but we ended up ordering a Doughnoli, Rainbow Cake, Rainbow Creme Crumb, Samoa, Red Velvet Nutella and a Red Velvet Volcano.  Definitely not the usual lot of doughnut flavors, so I’ll give you the lowdown of what to expect if you want to try them for yourself!


The Doughnoli is a cannoli and doughnut in one! I know, right?! What could be better? The filling is similar to that in an actual cannoli, just not as dense, and the shell is made out of a doughnut. This doughnut is also huge, so unless you are feeling extremely ambitious or don’t want to save room for other flavors, we’d recommend sharing this one!


The Rainbow Cake Donut is actually a mixture of their red velvet cake, pistachio cake, strawberry cake and sour cream cake doughnuts. Each bite tastes a little different with each surprise flavor and takes it a step above being just a cool rainbow colored doughnut.



The Rainbow Creme Crumb Donut is their traditional creme doughnut with crumbs of their Rainbow Cake Donut sprinkled on top. We really like Moe’s Dough creme doughnuts because they do not skimp on the creme, but at the same time it’s light and not too sweet.


Next up, is the Samoa Donut. This was one of our favorites because it actually tasted like a Samoa Girl Scout cookie. Sometimes when shops try to recreate exact flavors it comes close, but doesn’t taste like the real thing. In our opinion, these Samoa Donuts hit the mark.




And lastly, the Red Velvet Nutella and Red Velvet Volcano Donuts … The Red Velvet Nutella Donut is one of their regular Red Velvet Cake Donuts sliced in half with Nutella in the middle and drizzled on top. The Red Velvet Volcano is shaped just as it names suggests with creme in the middle and spilling out of the top. We didn’t find the red velvet flavor to be particularly prevalent, but they were both still delicious.




If you’re looking for a really good cake doughnut in the city Moe’s Doughs is a great place to find one!

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