Give Back Style


Cailin and I can be found on any given day out and about photographing Freely Clothing tees!However, it’s been more of a struggle to get those great outdoor shots in the winter. The first spring days are just starting to happen in the city and we were excited to take advantage of it and get some shots in, so we thought we’d share a few! For any new readers, Freely Clothing is a pay it forward brand that aims to help you help others. A portion of every purchase from Freely Clothing goes toward funding someone’s give back idea! As always, we encourage all of our readers to think about how they could help someone or their community and enter their idea in Freely Clothing’s Giving Chain Contest. You could end up funding your idea up to $1,000! 



It’s still getting chilly at night so we paired the GIVE tee with a striped button down tied around the waist. We love doing this with flannels and patterned button downs since they add some color and style, and are practical to have around when you walk into soon to be AC blasting buildings. We can’t wait to start styling our GIVE tee with skirts and new spring trends. We especially love this tee because it makes a bold impression and gets people thinking about how they can give back more in their daily lives – something we can all use a reminder of from time to time!




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