Smorgasburg is back


It’s Smorgasburg season! Cailin and I love going to Smorgasburg for lunch because there are so many NYC vendors to try and we usually end up spending the whole day sitting on the grass enjoying the skyline or park views. We are also slowly becoming a city food blog haha, but all the goods at Smorgasburg are just too photogenic not to post about!



Our main mission this time was to get dessert, so we started with a snack by sharing Big Mozz’s mozzarella sticks. They were really good, but at the end of the day they’re mozzarella sticks… so at the $10 price point you might want to try something different. We’d seen these mozzarella sticks pop up on Instagram a lot so we were curious to see if there was something extra special about them, but they were pretty standard. If you’re craving some great mozzarella sticks though I’d definitely stop by this stand.



Then it was time for dessert! We’re both pretty obsessed with banana pudding, so when we heard Baonanas, the Jersey City-based banana pudding shop was coming to Smorgasburg we were all over that! We got their original banana pudding, matcha and their espresso cookie flavors. All of them were amazingly delicious and the flavors really shined through. Our favorite was the espresso cookie. It was so good that when our friend tried some of ours, she wanted one of her own but by the time she went up to get one they were already sold out!




We also took some photos of our friend’s food of course! She went to Asia Dog and got the Sidney, which has Thai styled relish with mango, cucumber, red onion, cilantro, crushed peanuts and fish sauce. She loved it! She also had a chicken satay dish from Bamboo Bites. She wished it had more flavor, but it sure did photograph well. What are you guys looking forward to trying at this year’s Smorgasburg?






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