Milk Bar


There is nothing like an ice cream on a hot summer day in the city. Cailin and I were craving soft serve one day and decided it was the perfect opportunity to try Milk Bar’s cereal milk flavor. We went to their East Village location which always seems to have a line, but it moves fairly quickly. This location has a set of benches outside, but the inside is designed purely as an ordering window.


We’d heard a lot of great things about their cereal milk flavor so we both decided to give the classic flavor a try with their signature corn flakes on top. The ice cream had a very unique flavor and did taste like the milk you slurp from your bowl of cereal when you’ve finished it.



It also isn’t super sweet. In fact, the salty corn flake topping makes it somewhat savory. If you’re not a sweets person this flavor could be for you! It didn’t really cure our craving that day, but we can definitely see how the unique flavor has a big following.


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