Num Pang & Northern Tiger


Cai and I our big fans of NYC food markets because you’re not limited to a restaurant’s cuisine of choice and you don’t have to deal with that one friend who always wants to split the check, haha!Β πŸ˜›Β This time we went to one of our favorite markets, Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place.



I got pork and chive dumplings to share and a braised beef Shaobing Wrap at Northern Tiger. The dumplings were delicious and definitely hit the spot if you’re craving dumplings on the go. The Shaobing Wrap was also yummy and huge! I only ate one half and saved the other. Like many leftovers, I actually preferred it the next day as the flavors had some time to set after being served piping hot.



Cailin got a brisket rice bowl and a blood orange lemonade to drink. She has been pretty obsessed with rice bowls lately since you can pack a lot of different flavors in just one bowl. The chili yogurt and chive lime vinaigrette that top Num Pang’s rice bowls was her favorite part of the dish.




What are some of your favorite NYC food markets?

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